Chill & Thrill: Spreading Cool Vibes with Our Delicious ICEE Gift Range!

Chill & Thrill: Spreading Cool Vibes with Our Delicious ICEE Gift Range!

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It has been over a year since our launch in the US and this spell has been nothing but exciting. At the helm of all of that excitement, has been the ever-growing brand of ICEE! Our collection of wonderful appliances, ensures that everyone can enjoy their favorite ice cold drink in style.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. We are delighted to introduce our brand-new, new & improved ICEE Slushie Machine. Discover the next level of frosty delight with our upgraded ICEE Machine! Engineered for peak performance and durability, our latest model introduces a series of enhancements designed to elevate your slush experience. At the heart of these improvements is a more powerful motor, ensuring faster, smoother, and more efficient slush production.

Not only is the machine’s operation more efficient, but the build quality has also been significantly enhanced to offer unparalleled robustness. The base of our new ICEE Machine is now made from virgin plastic, ensuring a product that is not only stronger and cleaner but also environmentally responsible.

The overall new model features a more stylish design in the vibrant colors of ICEE red & blue. It truly is the coldest drink in town!

It really couldn’t be any easier… could it?

Introducing the ICEE Snow Cone Maker! This machine is the quickest way to enjoy the iconic flavors of ICEE.
Use the markings on the jug to guide your syrup, before securing in place. This ice shaver provides 2 settings, ‘Fine’ for a small shaving and smooth slushie or ‘Coarse’ perfect for slightly larger ice chunks that are packed with flavor.
Fill the ice compartment and lock the lid in place to power. It is that simple! – In just minutes you will have 1 liter of slush to enjoy. Use the provided 4x paper cups & straws to involve all the family in delightful ICEE experience.


FIND YOUR FLAVOR! – Explore our collection of syrup packs and identify your style.

The ICEE 2 Pack Syrups allows you to keep it classic. The 16.9fl oz (500ml) of syrup bottles, feature the delicious nostalgia of Cherry & Blue Raspberry! Each bottle makes more than 2 liters of slush with any domesticated ICEE product.

Or, expand your pallette and introduce the ICEE 4 Pack Syrups into your life. This vibrant new style guide adds entertainment, whilst maintaining the nostalgic vibes with Cherry & Blue Raspberry, and adding the sweet tang of Watermelon & Lemonade. These brand-new syrups are guaranteed to take you on an adventure flavor, elevating your ICEE game. Each bottle contains 6.9fl oz (180ml) of syrup making a liter from each bottle!

Whether you own a ICEE Machine, ICEE Maker, or an ICEE Making Cup, these syrups will do the job!

There is plenty to explore in the world of ICEE, with some exciting additions coming later this year! 👀

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