Sonic Spectacular: Unveiling Our Vibrant New Lineup for Gifting Galore!

Sonic Spectacular: Unveiling Our Vibrant New Lineup for Gifting Galore!

The whirlwind success of Fizz Creations in early 2024 has seen new product launches, thriving existing lines, and the promise of exciting prospects that beckon on the horizon. Our cherished gifting ranges have been as popular as ever, but it’s the brand-new licenses that have established our growth during the first quarter of the year!

The ever-growing brand of Sonic the Hedgehog has been a triumph since the launch of our range. The collection of innovative lighting and novelty merchandise ensures that all fans of everyone’s favorite Hedgehog have something to enjoy! From his first appearance in 1991, to the most recent global hit across our television screens, this Blue Hedgehog offers a great appeal across the gaming community and more.

Elevate your space with the Sonic Flow Light – a must have for any superfan! Immerse yourself in the captivating display as vibrant pieces flow freely within the light, adding a dynamic touch to any room. Powered by the included USB cable, this masterpiece can be placed anywhere in your home, turning your evenings into an inspiring Sonic spectacle.

Illuminate your surroundings with energy and excitement as you set the atmosphere that matches your mood, whether it’s a peaceful night in or a party vibe that you’re looking for, this Flow Light is the perfect product for you!

This light contains 3 different artworks that flow freely when in use. The unmistakable artwork of Sonic, Tails and those all important Golden Rings, add a multicolored groove to your area.

Immerse yourself in the world of Sonic the Hedgehog with this classic 3D Sonic Mood Light. Designed to resemble Sonic’s head, capturing his iconic hair, this mood light is a charming addition to your collection! Standing at 5.3” tall, this piece looks great day or night as the loving character brings vibrant color to your room.

Powered by 2x AAA batteries, you can place this Mood Light anywhere in your home, whether you are looking for a warming night light or an inspiring study buddy, this is the perfect companion to illuminate your space!

Introducing the Sonic the Hedgehog Gaming Hed’z. A Fizz exclusive brand that brings nostalgia to current gamers.

These headphone stands feature a character head and a flat base allowing you to place it anywhere in your room! The ultimate way to store your gaming headphones. This convenient stand is a brilliant addition to your gaming setup. At 8.6-inch-tall, this piece is a dominant statement to your room bringing a combination of novelty functionality and nostalgia! Not only does this keep your headphones safe and accessible but also brings your favorite character to life. Stylish and versatile, this Sonic Gaming Hed’z allows you to fit any size, over the ear headphones, maximizing the practicality.

Your gaming sessions have never been so practical!

Jump into the world of ultimate novelty with the Sonic the Hedgehog Stress Reliever! This super cute character stress ball is the perfect way to squish and squeeze away your troubles. Whether it’s a long day of work or a stressful time at home, Sonic will be with you all the way through it.

Perfectly sized to fit in your pocket or bag, this stress squeezer can be taken anywhere with you, ready to delight whenever you need him. The rounded shape of Sonic’s head features the classic details of his pointy ears and unmistakable quills.

The durable material ensures repeated use. So, unwind after a long day with the playful comfort of Sonic as you prepare for your next gaming session! 

There is plenty to check out and explore in the world of Sonic the Hedgehog. Embark on this journey with us as we take a trip through the world of retro gaming!

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