Environmental and Ethical Statement

Environmental and Ethical Statement

Our Eco Mission

We believe in doing the right thing.

We will be socially responsible.

We will make the world a better place.

Fizz Creations Sustainability

Supply Chain

We ensure that all our suppliers are in possession of a full and valid Ethical Audit Report with no open critical issues and any outstanding corrective action plans are followed up and resolved.


Products and Packaging

All our products and packaging are subjected to a rigorous quality control program and safety testing to American and European standards including ASTM, CPSIA, EN71 and REACH.

We are members of the OPRL and can provide a range of recycling instructions for customer specific packaging in addition to our own product range.

We are also working with suppliers and retailers, where possible to develop minimalised packaging and have already eliminated the use of polystyrene within our solutions.

We put in place a three year plan to increase the recyclability of our disposable product packaging.  Our target was to reach 80% by 2022 Рwe are delighted that as of 2021 95% of our new products meet this criteria Рway ahead of schedule!

Day to Day

We have implemented an ethical recycling scheme at our UK Head Office which sees our paper, plastics and metals recycled back into high quality products. None of our waste leaves the UK. Where possible we also source circular economy products to reuse our recycled waste.

Our Head Office electricity supply is 100% renewable generated by wind and hydro assets and certified by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin, independently verified by EcoAct and is reported with zero carbon emissions.

We also invest heavily in our employees physical and mental well-being – we promote a healthy lifestyle through the provision of free fruit and daily gym classes held during the work day.

We also engage with the local community in conjunction with the local council supporting students at schools and universities with business opportunities and training events in addition to a range of charitable fundraising events throughout the year.