Terms and Conditions

Fizz Creations Inc Terms & Conditions

Minimum order

$500 for the opening order, this will need to be paid on Credit Card or bank transfer prior to the goods being released.

Reorders minimum order of $300, Net30 terms available. All future orders will be released on these payment terms pending approval of your application.

All items must be ordered in either full case qty, we will not break packs


Shipping costs are additional and will be calculated based on your zip code. We ship via UPS ground unless otherwise stated.

Deliveries and order processing

Fizz Creations Inc work on a 5 working days’ order processing cycle. Therefore, if your order is placed on day 1 it will be delivered day 5. This can change in peak season.


We accept returns for damaged, faulty or missing goods only, this needs to be reported within 3 days of receiving your order and notification must be via email and include images of the issue. This will be reviewed, and customer service will contact you to discuss a resolution. Please e-mail USAsupport@fizzcreations.com


Any items not in stock will be placed on backorder, once 85% of the stock has arrived it will be released as long as the value is in excess of $150. After which any remaining stock left on order will be cancelled.

Held Order Policy

We will make 3 attempts to contact the store and (or) rep – by phone and if no reply we will send an email after which we will cancel the order

Cancelation of orders

Once paid, if a customer would like to cancel an order it needs to be authorized by head office, the cancelation needs to be requested in writing. When this is received the order can be put on hold until confirmation is received from head office

Catalog request

Download a digital copy here.

New customers request

Please apply online here or contact your local rep.


We do not offer an exchange policy for unsold items

 Online Sales Policy/MAP policy

Fizz Creations does not allow any retailers to resell our products on online marketplaces or solely on social media platforms for example, but not limited to, Amazon, Ebay, Walmart.com or Facebook and Instagram. We require a signed new customer application from retailers acknowledging and agreeing to this. If they are found in breach of this, their account maybe suspended and immediately asked to remove the product from the site.

The purpose of this agreement is to offer protection to both you as retailer and to us the manufacturer / distributor. By keeping control of internet marketplaces, we can avoid devaluing of products and help identify/stop counterfeit products from entering the market. We reserve the right to take legal action against any retailers that break this agreement.